Experience of use Gigant

Henry, Budapest, huge gel experience

Product photos, application experience

The huge natural ingredient arginine caught my attention: arginine, snail oil, guarana, zinc. All these components provide safe and effective results.

Men who often suffer from sexual problems before buying the gel want to find detailed information about the efficacy and side effects of the gel. They pointed out that the huge penis enlargement gel has many positive qualities:

has a completely natural composition, so it can be completely tolerated by users. It goes well with alcoholic beverages. The first result is already visible on the third day of use. The tool is actually active.

Since childhood, my average penis size. My wife often joked that I have a small child. I was often angry and offended, but didn't show it. One day I went home and went online. At the scene, I saw the miraculous cream giant. The manufacturer guarantees that the penis can be effectively enlarged without surgery. I don't think this exists, because I think it is unrealistic to enlarge the penis without surgery. But I still decided to buy it. Suddenly everything will be solved and my wife will stop joking with me.

Acquisition of Giants

I went to the official website of the manufacturer and read a lot of positive reviews. I filled out the questionnaire and ordered the gel. After receiving the call, the manager called me, confirmed the order, and said that the mail would be delivered to the post office of my department within a few days. The gel arrived on time.

Product overview and gel results

Henry Gel Experience from Budapest

The accompanying notes detail how to use the tool. I followed the instructions and started using the gel. After a week of application, I am very satisfied. The penis has increased by 4 cm in the second week and 1 cm in the third week. After that, I decided to stop using it and have sex with my beloved woman. The result was positive: the quality of intimacy reached the highest level, and my wife stopped laughing at me and started asking for more.

When used, the gel will cool slightly, which creates additional stimulation and enhances erection. The same cold will slightly reduce sensitivity and lead to an increase in sexual life. I am satisfied with the result, and my wife is also very happy.